This is Playvertising.

Aglet is a proven, compelling advertising solution for brands looking to engage more deeply with consumers. The Aglet experience gives 4M global consumers the chance to “play” the brands they love in an app they use everyday.

Players can earn digital and physical goods tied to digital experiences, with more meaningful in-game engagement that can seamlessly be turned into product sales, visits to your retail locations and more. 

Playvertising with Aglet!

Playvertising provides real marketing value.



Brand Labs

We drive brand awareness over our map, shop, communities, and co-marketing campaigns.


Playable Brand

We engage players with missions and quests featuring brand items, driving them out into the world, and toward retail.


Try Before Buy

Digital collections and ownership drives a unique ability to "try on" new items, integrating them into player avatars and rooms.


Play to Earn + Buy

Digital collection can unlock deals, scarce items, and "Buy IRL" capability for players - at retails, or e-commerce platforms.


Brand Belonging

Brand items of various powers and rariites subsist in the game, along with the stories that accompany them. Players can level up with brands of their choice, building fandom and sharing love of brand in the game.


Try Before Buy

Digital collections and ownership drives a unique ability to "try on" new items, integrating them into player avatars and rooms.

The Offering

Aglet’s game mechanics are used to create compelling playvertising offerings via in-game map play, quests, avatars, apparel, sneakers and other collectibles. This model creates non-intrusive advertising opportunities where players are engaged with brands and incentivized to make digital and physical product purchases and visit retail locations.

Transform player maps globally to match your brand and your marketing needs.

Plot your retail stores or take over relevant locations where players can check in to engage with your brand, your products and your physical locations.

Spark joy and engagement by sending players on a reality-based and virtual scavenger hunt featuring your brand and products.

Create deeper, more engaging gameplay using our Collection feature by dropping your branded assets in the Aglet Shop and on the Aglet Map.

Engage Aglet’s vibrant Creator Community by hosting a design challenge.

We can create virtual items based on your existing products or make new designs using your brand to drop into the Aglet Shop and Map for players to collect and trade.

Enable players to purchase your products via links to your stores.

Offer the power of your brand to players to help them level up in the game.

Get your brand message in front of our global audience in key moments.

Case Studies

Manchester City x PUMA

For Manchester City FC and PUMA's Asia 2023 Exhibition Tour, Aglet designed a “Fandom Funnel” to turn Aglet players into City fans through a global step challenge, hyper-local activations in Tokyo and Seoul, and a series of limited-edition collectible drops.

  • 28k players walked 285M steps in City-branded sneakers
  • 14.7k check-ins were registered at Tokyo and Seoul stadiums 
  • ~10k players rocked Man City gear on their avatars throughout the week-long event.


STEPTEMBER with adidas

Adidas sponsored Aglet's annual, global “Steptember” step competition in 2022. 

  • To participate, players had to wear the new adidas NMD S1 sneakers in-game to earn steps for the chance to win adidas prizes (free NMD S1 sneakers, adidas archive tour, etc.).
  • 29k players in 94 countries walked over 3 billion steps in NMD S1 sneakers- nearly 35 times around the circumference of the earth.
LØCI Creators Month

LØCI celebrated our community's creativity with a huge design contest featuring vegan leather footwear. 

  • Players created their own versions of LØCI sneakers and submitted thousands of original designs in November 2022. 
  • The community placed over 100k votes to determine the top design
  • The winner designed a physical LØCI x Aglet sneaker which LØCI produced and distributed globally.

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