Team Aglet

Aglet represents our drive to create spatial-experiences using map-based geo-location and  emerging blockchain technologies. We focused on creating an experience, a way to build community around a simple game to get people up, out, and walking. Activity and sneakers provide the creativity and agency of movement that form the core gameloop of Aglet.

Our Origins

Onlife co-founders Ryan David Mullins and Owen Batt shared a vision to reimagine the commerce experience by fusing virtual and physical worlds using location-based gameplay.  In 2019, Ryan resigned as Director of Future Trends at adidas, and in October of that year, Mullins and Batt moved full-time into building Aglet. They recruited a small international team (Australia, Germany, UK, United States) to release Aglet worldwide on April 12th, 2020.

Ryan David Mullins
Ryan David Mullins

The rise of JustinTV and the eventual birth of Twitch was an evolutionary moment for Ryan. His many philosophical pursuits, both academic and personal, had begun to coalesce into the beginnings of Onlife. The bridge that Twitch formed between the digital and physical realms perfectly demonstrated the future Ryan envisioned.

Read Ryan’s essays, thoughts, and calls to action!

Owen Batt
Owen Batt

Owen found maps fascinating at an early age. In combination with his love for being out in the wild brush, his core sensibilities and passion for geo-location stayed with him into adulthood. Owen has processed and put to use geo-spatial data for navigation purposes for several applications, and his love for spatial-data assets became the thread weaving throughout his career.

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