and Rewards
are Out There!

Explore the world with your friends and cop the freshest gear on the planet.

The Aglet Map! Aglet Metarun 'AETHER' Aglet Metaverse Goggles Positive Industries Hoodie

Play With Friends

Chat with your crew and coordinate Aglet Adventures using Explore With Friends

Aglet Play with Friends! Aglet Play with Friends!

Make It Personal

Aglet’s map-based play features a fully customizable avatar that follows your steps on the Aglet map, and puts you directly in the game. Dress your avatar to represent your  personal style and flex on your friends!

Hustle Your Way

Hit the Aglet Marketplace to dominate the resale market

Streetware Heaven
Streetware Heaven

An expansive marketplace means there is always new gear to cop

Make Bank
Make Bank

Earn more currency by selling kicks and apparel from your collection to millions of players worldwide

Collect Them All
Collect Them All

Level up your shelf and get rewarded for copping complete sets

Fire Drops

Experience in-game store drops of new designs, custom sneakers and apparel from your favorite brands

Virtual Just Got Real

In our journey to fuse the digital and physical we decided to do the most logical thing: make real Streetware.

Aglet drops IRL sneakers along with their in-game counterparts and features Treasure Stash events where you can win real sneakers by exploring the world. You can also directly purchase sneakers and gear from inside the app via the Buy IRL button on select silhouettes and styles.

Get The App

Explore the world and cop the freshest gear on the planet

The Aglet Future

Daily Challenges

Discover daily challenges and rewards while you explore the Aglet Map!


The Aglet Gallery is your fully-customizable space to express yourself. Aglet Chat and Explore with friends will soon be integrated into Gallery!


Location and Brand-based missions curated for global and local audiences. Watch the Aglet Map come to life as you adventure.